Jim Williams
Our good friend, and long time MSTA Member, Mr. Jim Williams from Pleasant Hill, Missouri, has agreed to take over the job as Ozarks BS (Bull Shoals) Rally Coordinator. Jim has attended lots of Rallies, and he says he will do his best to keep the Ozarks BS Rally the same Great Rally it has always been! We know he will do a great job!

Jim's contact info is as follows:

Jim Williams
1710 Remington Street
Pleasant Hill, Missouri 64080
Phone: 816-489-2576

Jim can be contacted for all BS Rally info, BS Rally Pre-Registrations, BS Rally T-Shirt orders, etc.

We want to sincerely thank everyone for the past 20 Great years we have coordinated the Ozarks BS (Bull Shoals) Rally! We had a blast, and hope everyone else did, too!

P.S. (We will still be taking care of the BS Rally Website and keeping it updated, and assisting Jim when we can.)
Ride Safe, Ed & Linda

BS Rally General Info

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